Thursday, January 31, 2013

Calling All Readers

While I was attending a conference last weekend I received a gift bag that contained a bookmark that advertised free books! I love to read and was very inspired to learning more. I decided to research the website on the bookmark (Blogging for Books). This post will explain what the website is about and how avid readers can benefit from their services.

To start the website requires you to register to participate in receiving free books. (Even though the title is Blogging for Books, the reader does not need to have a blog, start a blog, or use their personal blog to post reviews). During my registration I was given the opportunity to choose what kind of books I prefer. FYI, there is an array of categories to select from. Then I was given a selection of books to choose from to request my free book. Once you request the book they send it to you (free of charge). The website says you should receive the book in 7-10 days. You can also choose select titles to be delivered via E-book.

When the book arrives its all yours! You do not have to send it back. :) Then, if you choose you can write a review (300 words) about the book at their website. If you decide to write a review, you will have an opportunity to select another free book to be sent to you. As long as you write a review within the allotted time allowed (within 90 days although the website prefers that reviews are done within 30 day) you will be able to continue to receive free books. It seems simple but for further explanation of the program check out the facts and questions section here.

I selected "Lord, I Give You this Day", by Kay Author.  I am currently waiting for my book to arrive. I have received a confirmation that it was shipped. I plan on including a book review about every other month on this blog. I will also write a follow-up post after I have reviewed a few books to let my readers know how Blogging for Books services are.

So check back often for book reviews and an update of the services of Blogging for Books!

If anyone has used Blogging for Books or is interested in using it, please comment below. I look forward to reading and responding with my readers comments.

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