Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Practical Ways to Respond to Business Disappointment

            5 Practical Ways to Respond to Business Disappointment

If you have ever worked for a company, I am sure you have experienced business disappointment at one time or another. It can be difficult to understand and even harder to respond correctly. You question why didn’t this happen or what could I have done better? Whether your disappointment is from not getting a promotion, raise, assigned to a special project or whatever the business disappointment is, the practical advice below can help you respond correctly. 

 1. Do Not be Angry.
Getting angry does not help you or the situation. It can actually make the situation worse. If you are angry about the disappointment you will not be able to think clearly and make say or do something that you regret. Let it go, it is not worth holding on to.

2. Do Not Take it Personally.
There were reasons why the decision was made and one of those reasons was not to despise or hurt you. The disappointment was not an attack on your character. If you respond correctly it can be a positive reflection on your personal character and development.

3. Try to Look at the Bigger Picture.
There was a reason the decision was made. It was based on business needs or objectives that the company is trying to be meet. You might think you knew what was best, but normally you cannot see all the moving pieces of the decisions that needed to be made.

4. React Correctly.
In life the problem is only 10% of what is going on and 90% of how you react. Your leadership and peers will be watching to see how you respond. You want them to notice that you responded correctly.

5. Keep the Door Open for Future Opportunities. Lastly, responding correctly will lead to open doors in the future. The next time a promotion is to be earned you will be remembered or they will keep you in mind for a special project. When you keep the door open your future possibilities can be limitless!

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